Howling and crying could be heard as a poor dog with wide eyes desperately tried to get out of an extremely hot car where a shopper had left them in the car park whilst they shopped at Sainsbury’s. A witness took photos and timed how long it took for the owner to get back, whilst it was announced multiple times over the tannoy for the owner to return to their car.

It took 20 minutes for the owner to return however the dog was left in a distressed condition. Summer is starting and not enough people are prepared with the knowledge of how to take care of your pet on hot days. Leaving the window down slightly and putting the car in the shade is still too hot for a dog to be left in, even on a warm day. It could be 22C outside but inside the vehicle the heat can soar up to 47C very quickly, this can kill them. Please do not risk leaving your dog in a warm vehicle even if you are just quickly popping to the shops, instead either bring them with you or leave them in a cool house.

Symptoms of dog suffering heat stroke

  • Panting heavily
  • Excessive drooling
  • Vomiting

What to do

  • Note down the car’s license plate, model, colour of car and even take a picture of it in case you need to report it later.
  • Ask a staff member to make an announcement at the nearby shop if you see a dog left in the car park inside a vehicle.
  • Have someone wait with the dog so the situation and their health can be monitored.
  • Many people will be tempted to break a window open, but be aware you may have to explain yourself in court as this could be seen as criminal damage.
  • If you see a dog in distress call the RSPCA 24 Hour line 0300 1234 999 for advice but if the dog is in serious danger call 999.