RSPCA gets 7 calls an hour about dogs in bad health due to the heatwave. Dog Shows such as Dog Fest have been cancelled as it is too dangerous for dogs to be out during the day in the heat. There has been lots of press about the dangers of dogs being left in cars yet the charity received 1,123 calls about dogs being locked in hot vehicles between June and July!

Ways To Cool Your Dog

  • Take your dogs on walks early mornings and late evenings.
  • Provide shade in areas of your house for them.
  • Make sure your house is ventilated; use fans and have windows open.
  • Avoid transporting pets in vehicles as they get too hot for them.
  • Keep a constant water supply to make sure they stay hydrated.
  • Encourage dogs to use Paddling pools, they’re a fun way to stay cool!
  • Soak a towel in water for your dog to lie on. We also sell a Dog Robe for fast drying that can be soaked in water to cool your dog in hot weather.
  • Give your pet cold treats, you can make them pet lollipops from safe ingredients!
  • You can have the fur regularly groomed & cut but check with your vet as often dogs need their long fur to regulate heat and stay cool.

Heat Stroke Symptoms in Dogs

  • Excessive panting and drooling.
  • Heartbeat increased.
  • Vomiting, sometimes with blood.
  • Hot temperature risen.
  • Urinating less and may urinate blood.
  • Gums red.
  • Movement becomes wobbly.
  • Dogs can become unconscious or have seizures.
  • Changes in mental state.

See your vet if your dogs have serious symptoms, if they seem mildly affected then try cooling them down instantly with access to shade, water, bathtub or shower, cold air or a fan.

Dog Sunburn

Dogs can get sunburn from areas exposed to the sun without fur such as noses and bellies, shaved dogs are most at risk. Avoid them lying in the sun too long and apply dog safe sun cream. If you plan on walking your dog on the pavement please put the back of your hand on the pavement for at least 5 seconds, if it’s too hot for you it’s too hot for your dog and could cause serious burns on their paws.

Blue Green Algae

Blue Green Algae are in waters that are not always visible, they have increased due to the heatwave and if dogs come in contact with them, they can become seriously ill which can be fatal.  Unfortunately, they are attracted to the algae so they will try to eat it, this could have a very harmful effect on their liver.

Insect Bites and Ticks

The increase in heat means there has been a rise in insects, so dogs are more likely to be stung by bees and bitten by spiders etc. If this happens get a cold compress to reduce the swelling and itching.

Ticks have increased dramatically due to the heatwave and this is extremely dangerous for dogs and humans as they carry serious diseases such as Lyme Disease. All your dog needs to do is brush against something that has a tick and they will attach themselves onto your dog as they don’t jump or fly. Ticks are typically based in woodlands but are also in urban areas and back gardens due to attaching themselves onto birds which spreads them around. If you see a tick on your dog, you remove them by the head as the body has the poison, so you do not want that bursting into the bite. Keep the tick in a container so it can be tested for Lyme Disease. Any clothing you are wearing or material your dog has made contact with wash straight away on a hot setting as there could be ticks on them. Go to a vet as ticks as can cause long term illnesses.

We hope some of these tips can help you and your dog avoid summer dangers the heatwave has brought us, stay safe and share this to help inform other dog owners!