Little paws pose regally with big bat ears that will charm you, they are seen in cute cafes wearing fashionable coats and photographed at glamorous events, in the arms of celebrities.

You will see them all over Instagram and they are known as… Frenchies!

Labrador owners might think their pooches are Labr–adorable, but now French Bulldogs are taking over as the most popular breed in the UK, so for the first time in 27 years, they’re no longer top dog!

According to The Kennel Club French Bulldogs have a had a huge 3,000% rise in last 10 years with a 47% increase in the last year.

Their adorable puppy like faces with big eyes and ears make Bulldogs extremely popular to adopt.

Bulldogs come in English, French and American breeds but what is the difference? And why is the French Bulldog pulling into the lead?

English Bulldog

Known as English or British Bulldogs, these breeds are known for being loving and calm dogs, despite being big and muscular! They were bred so there was no aggressive traits, making a great choice for family pets. We can vouch for this with our own British Bulldog Louis, above is a photo of him asking for more cuddles!

American Bulldog

This American breed has a much less flat face than the others but are the biggest of the Bulldogs. You may recognise this popular breed in movies such as Chance from Homeward bound and Spike in Tom and Jerry. American Bulldogs need the most exercise and can be as tall as 70cm. They are a perfect choice if you are an active person who can take them for long walks.

French Bulldog

This is the smallest of the bulldog breeds although they have big pointy bat ears! They were bred to be companions of high class societies in France. They clearly stick close to their calling as celebrities favour this breed with David Beckham, Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lady Gaga and Reese Witherspoon all having a cute Frenchie of their own. As they are much smaller their breed does better in Cities then the others and needs less exercise, although they don’t like being left alone, you can still see why they make a first choice pet for many people.

Manny The Frenchie

…And now to end this here’s a very cool French Bulldog on Instagram

Manny The Frenchie (Manny_the_frenchie) This little pooch has an impressive 1.1 Million followers on Instagram and certainly knows how to cruise.